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In this page, you can find our club events such as demos and seminars in the past as well as our club history such as how we converted from the University of Chicago Hapkido Club. For future club events, please visit events page.

HRD Demos & Seminars | Tournament results | Test History | Conversion History

Demos and Seminars

2006, May: Martial Art Demo for PanAsia 2006 (with Wushu, Genkikai and Jujutsu)
2006, February: Demo at Korean Culture Show "Who's got the Remote?"(350+ audience)
(Script Idea: Jessica and others, Performers: Instr. Hsu, Keiko, Danny, Amr, Pawan, Hugo, Jose and Anees)

2006, January: Seminar with Chief Master Taejoon Lee (50+ total participants) pics
2005, April: Martial Art demo for PanAsia 2005 (with Wushu and Genkikai) pics
2005, February: Seminar with Master David Kijek (28 participants) pics
2005, February: Demo at Korean Culture Show "Candid" (12 students) pics
(Story teller: Emily, Performers: Instr. Hsu, Keiko, Doug, Jaehoon, Adam, Sebastian, Dan, Hugo, Jose, Sharon and Brian)

2004, April: Seminar with Master David Kijek (23 participants) pics
2004, April 21: Demo for the PanAsia 2004 (with Wushu, Genkikai and Aikido) pics
2004, February: Demo at the Korean Culture Show (Korean Student Organization) pics
(Presenter: Sebastian, Performers: Instr. Hsu, Instr. Lee, Keiko, Doug, Danny, Jaehoon, Adam and Sharon)

2003, May 10: Demo at the Korean Culture Show (KSO) pics
(Performers: Instr. Hsu, Instr. Lee, Cam and Keiko)

2003, April 19: Demo and Seminar with Instructor Chris Ochalla pics

Tournament Results

2006 Midwest Tournament in Madison, WI
(8 members participated: Ms. Yoshimura, Mr. Park, Amr, Pawan, Emily, Brian, David and Anees)

HRD adult (women) empty-hand form 2nd Keiko Yoshimura
TSD men (advanced) empty hand form 3rd Pawan Patel
  weapon form 1st Amr Gaber
  sparring 3rd Pawan Patel

TSD women (interm.)

empty-hand form 1st Emily Jusino
  sparring 2nd Emily Jusino
TSD men (intermediate) sparring 2nd Brian Klein
TSD men (beginner) weapon 2nd David Butkus
    3rd Anees Benferhat

2005 Interschool and World Championship, Downey, CA

HRD black sashes Sparring 1st Instructor Simon Lee

2005 Midwest Tournament in Madison, WI pics
(9 members participated: Instructor Lee, Instructor Hsu, Keiko, Doug, Adam, Sharon, Amr, Pawan and Brian)

HRD black sashes all 3rd Instructor Simon Lee
HRD adult (all) empty-hand form 2nd Keiko Yoshimura
  weapons form 1st Instructor Stephen Hsu
HRD women sparring 2nd Keiko Yoshimura

TSD men (advanced)

sparring 2nd Adam Darlage
TSD men (intermediate) weapon form 3rd Amr Gaber
TSD women (intermediate) sparring 2nd Sharon Hyland
TSD men (beginner) sparring 3rd Brian Klein

2004 Midwest Tournament in Madison, WI pics
(7 members participated: Simon, Keiko, Doug, Adam, Jose, Hugo and Clint)

HRD men (advanced)
empty hand form
weapon form
Simon Lee
Simon Lee
Simon Lee
HRD women empty-hand form 1st Keiko Yoshimura
HRD men (beginner) weapon form 3rd Doug Purvis
TSD men (intermediate) weapon form
Adam Darlage
Adam Darlage
TSD men (beginner) weapon form 3rd Jose Fillat
TSD men (beginner) empty-hand form
Clint Hammerberg
Clint Hammerberg
Team Sparring 1st Simon, Adam, Jose and Clint

2003 Midwest Tournament in Madison, WI pics
(4 members participated:Stephen, Simon, Keiko and Adam)

HRD men empty hand form 1st
Simon Lee
Stephen Hsu
weapon form 1st Stephen Hsu
sparring 3rd Stephen Hsu
HRD women empty hand form 2nd Keiko Yoshimura
  sparring 2nd Keiko Yoshimura
TSD men weapon form 3rd Adam Darlage

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Promotional Exam History

The 23rd Promotional Exam: April 8th, 2006 (4 students from our club promoted)
The 22nd Promotional Exam: March 11th, 2006 (6 students from our club promoted)
The 21st Promotional Exam: February 11th, 2006 (at UIC, 1 student from our club promoted)
The 20th Promotional Exam: January 14th, 2006 (8 students promoted)
The 19th Promotional Exam: November 12th, 2005 (4 students promoted+Dan in Madison)
The 18th Promotional Exam: September 10th, 2005 (2 students promoted)
The 17th Promotional Exam: August 12, 2005 (2 students promoted)
The 16th Promotional Exam: June 4, 2005 (6 students promoted)
The 15th Promotional Exam: May 14, 2005 (Instructor Hsu promoted)
The 14th Promotional Exam: April 9, 2005 (2 club students)
The 13th Promotional Exam: March 19th, 2005 (5 club students promoted)
The 12th Promotional Exam: February 12, 2005 (7 club students promoted)
The 11th Promotional Exam: January 15, 2005 (3 club students promoted)
The 10th Promotional Exam: December 4 and 11, 2004 (4 club students promoted)
The 9th Promotional Exam: November 13, 2004 (7 students promoted)
The 8th Promotional Exam: October 9, 2004 (5 students promoted)
The 7th Promotional Exam: June 12, 2004
The 6th Promotional Exam: May 8, 2004
The 5th Promotional Exam: April 10, 2004
The 4th Promotional Exam: March 13, 2004
The 3rd Promotional Exam: February 7, 2004
The 2nd Promotional Exam: December 13, 2003
The 1st Promotional Exam: November, 2003

Background and History for the Conversion from Hapkido

This club was converted from the Hapkido Self-defense Club in November 2002 for many reasons. Previously, curriculum was based on the Hapkido/Hapkido Club of University of California at Berkeley under Master Min. (Guarded the floor in Bruce Lee's Game of Death after Dan Inosanto.)

University of Chicago Club History (Instructor Hsu's perspective)

1995-1998: Over the years, quite a few people have asked me if I was ever going to start a club that did "everything."

Late 1998: Two people (Walter and Troy) approached me expressing their commitment to learn Hapkido/Self-defense if I was willing to teach.

Early 1999: Stephen starts unofficial workouts.

Fall 1999: The Club is officially activated and recognized by the university with ~10 people.. Founding Students still currently active include: Troy McSherry, Simon Lee, and Anne Marie Nicpon. (Others Founders include Walter Leise, Ian Brown, Seth Howell, Clare Jacobs, Patrick Park, Wei Yean King, and others. Everyone was important in getting the club started)

Winter 1999: The Club works to officiate the curriculum and relationship with the University of California at Berkeley Hapkido/Hapkido Club under Master Min.

Fall 2001: After two years, the Hapkido Club is upgraded to a "Recognized Sports Organization" by the university and begins to receive some funding from the university.

Sept 2001: Simon decides to restart his training in Hwa Rang Do.

October 2002: A seminar is scheduled in Madison, WI by Grandmaster Lee of Hwa Rang Do. Keiko and Stephen go with Simon to check it out out of curiosity.

November 2002: The Club votes 13-0, 2 absent to convert to a Hwa Rang DoŽ/Tae Soo Do Club. Stephen and Simon are promoted to Honorary ranks of Jyo Kyo Nim in TSD.

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Comments on the Conversion - Instructor Hsu

At the beginning of the 2002 Academic School year (Sept 2002), the Hapkido Club was healthy with 15-20 active students, but it wasn't growing anymore. Turnover rate was relatively high. (Possibly because I want to make sure people had at least 1 good workout - Meaning they often can't walk right for a week from being sore.) It had largely survived to that point primarily due to the commitment and consistency of Troy, Anne Marie, and myself, the ones who were here year-round, plus others such as Simon and Keiko, who've contributed greatly over the years. Continuity was in jeopardy since I was planning to graduate, Simon restarted HRD (and they have strict rules about participating in, not to mention, teaching other martial arts), Troy will also graduate soon, and Anne Marie was planning to move out of the Chicago area.

I've actually been searching for other places to train because consistently leading workouts 2-3 times/week for 3-4 years started to wear me out, and it's great to have someone who can correct you. Having never really heard of Hwa Rang DoŽ I was curious and asked Simon if I can go to the seminar as well October 2002.

To make a long story short, I found in Hwa Rang Do leaders who were inspiring, material that was exciting, students that were disciplined, attitudes that were respectful, and hospitality that was truly heart-warming. In my 20 years of martial arts experience, I knew that those were all rare qualities, especially so when they all come together in one place.

(Below is an excerpt from a Post on the Flowering Way Forum)

Throughout my years, I've met many "martial artists". Sure, some were really good. However, having good techniques doesn't necessarily mean you're a good teacher. Being a good teacher doesn't necessarily mean you're a good leader. And being a good leader doesn't necessarily mean you can truly inspire.

What's the difference between a good leader and a great one then? I think a good leader makes men believe and to swear loyalty to him. But when the leader falls, the troops scatter. A great leader, on the other hand, inspires men not to just follow him, but an idea, a belief, or a way of life. Even if a great leader falls, the troops carry on...

Too many times I've seen loyalty sworn to individuals. (Evident in the proliferation of Whatshisname's Blah Blah Do Schools) I think the most impressive and astonishing thing I heard that weekend in Wisconsin was something Chiefmaster Lee said. "No matter how old you are, you are always sons and daughters." He emphasized that the important things in life are people, relationships, commitment, loyalty, respect, roots, and most of all, family. Instead of just teaching a martial art, they have inspired a martial way within the Hwa Rang Do family. That is truly something rare, and I hope that I can share with you my enlightenment and excitement.

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