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On this page, you can find information you need as a student. If you decide to join our club, it's extremely important that you read this page very carefully. For active student list, please check the roster.



Club dues are $25/quarter for Tae Soo DoŽ students and $40/quarter for Hwa Rang DoŽ students. You should pay this (cash or check) to the club treasurer within a week after deciding to join. A check should be written to "Hwa Rang Do Club". If this is a problem, talk to an officer. This money is used for instructor fees, club fees, maintaining/purchasing club equipment, and hosting seminars on campus. It is also used for club members to attend seminars and tournaments off campus. If participation continues at current level, dues will most likely drop to $20/quarter for Winter and Spring.

World Hwa Rang Do Association Membership Fee:

Our club is an official branch of the World Hwa Rang Do® Association (WHRDA). Therefore, in order to participate in our club, you will also have to pay your annual $30 World Hwa Rang Do Association Fee. The initial application fee is $50, which includes the fee for a student handbook (Sung Gong Journal). Download the Student Information form [pdf], submit online, which directly goes to Instructor Wetter. For more detailed information about the WHRDA membership and its benefits, click here. (Information from the WHRDA Headquarters). A check must be written to "Academy of Hwa Rang Do".

Test fees are separate from the club dues and they vary according to rank. For more information, please read Promotional Exam section below.

Rules and Etiquette:

Respect in the Dojang
  • Behave according to the ethics dictated in the Hwa Rang Do Meng Sae "Code of Ethics".
  • Students must show respect to their instructors, and replies should be addressed with "Yes Sir/Ma'am" or "No Sir/Ma'am".
  • No cursing is allowed while training, and any violations require 10 knuckle pushups.
  • Try to keep the Dojang as clean as possible. This means no shoes, food, gum or drinks on the mats.
  • When training with weapons, ALWAYS be aware of your surroundings. If you drop your weapon, you are required to do knuckle pushups (10 for TSD students, 20 for HRD students).
  • If you are late for workout, warm up in the back of the room including 30 knuckle pushups. When you are ready, sit in formal seated position at the side of the mats and wait for the instructor's acknowledgment to bow in.
  • Whenever you have to adjust your dobok (uniform), face the back and kneel on the right knee and fix the dobok.
  • Before class, students should have their fingernails and toenails trimmed short. Long nails can be dangerous to you and other students during class.
  • No jewelry can be worn during class. That includes, earrings, rings, (any other body part rings) and watches.
  • Wash your dobok (uniform) frequently to keep it clean.
  • Students must attend classes consistently (at least twice a week). This is for you to progress satisfactorily as well as to avoid wasting instructors' and other students' time.
  • Students must bow when entering or leaving the matted area which we'll define as the Dojang. This bow is executed with feet together, facing the front (north), right fist to chest, bow at the waist with the words 'Hwa Rang".
  • At the start of class, line up in a straight line on the mats with higher ranks to your left in ready position. The highest ranking student will call out the commands for the row. "Charyet"=Attention, "Jyo Kyo Nim geh Kyung Nae"=Bow tot he instructor, "Barro"=Return to ready stance. This bow is executed with hands palm to palm at the chest, feet together, bowing at the waist, eyes looking down (not at the instructor) with the words "Hwa Rang". If there are other instructors or senior students present, the procedure will be repeated with their appropriate title.
  • At the end of class, line up again to bow out. We recite the Hwa Rang Do Meng Sae with right hand fist (representing "focused mind") against open left hand (representing "relaxed body"). When you bow to the instructors, you thank them in Korean "Dae Dan Hee, Kam Sa Ham Nee Da, An Yong Hee, Kae Sheep She Yo!"
  • To show respect for your fellow students, you will bow to them in the same manner as bowing in at the start of class before practicing techniques, sparring, or other activities involving a partner.
  • Bowing can also be done from a formal seated position. Students will be seated with knees together and hands on your thighs. To bow, make a triangle with your hands in front of you on the floor and bend down at the waist and think of putting your forehead into the triangle with the words "Hwa Rang".


Learn the Hwa Rang Do Meng Sae "Code of Ethics".
Learn the Korean terminology [pdf] used in and out of class.

Promotional Exam

We have a promotional exam every other month, alternating the location at the University of Chicago and at UIC club. It is generally scheduled to be on the 2nd Saturday of the month. The complete schedule for this quarter is available. Click here for the complete rank progression for Tae Soo Do® and Hwa Rang Do® Program.

The exam is conducted by Jo Kyo Nim Wetter from Downtown school. If you are interested in testing, you should talk to your instructors. Once approved, you should fill out the Test Form [pdf], submit it online (and also print out a hard copy for yourself with this Printable Test Form[pdf]), prepare the payment (cash or check written to "Academy of Hwa Rang Do") and bring them along with World Hwa Rang Do Association passport. Please turn them all to an officer before the test date, or bring them all with you to the test site for the instructor.

Board breaking is now required for TSD testers (optional for HRD testers). Please view the requirement here [rtf]. Each tester is responsible for preparing their own boards. The club occasionally has some extra boards available. They are sold for $1.50 a piece. Please contact an officer for availability. if you are

In order to test, you have to be a member of World Hwa Rang Do Association. Download the Student Information Form [pdf], fill it out and submit it online, which will be directly received by Instructor Wetter. (Please also read "World Hwa Rang Do Association Fee " above).



If you decide to continue training in Tae Soo Do®/Hwa Rang Do®, you will need to purchase a uniform. We strongly recommend purchasing the uniform before your first test. For safe sparring (you will need to spar during promotional exams starting at orange belt), we strongly recommend purchasing basic protective gear, which includes headgear, mouth piece, gloves, shin pads and boots (and jock-strap for men).

How To Purchase Equipment:

There are different kinds of equipment you can purchase from our club and from the World Hwa Rang Do® Association (through Instructor Wetter). Any questions regarding equipment should be directed to an officer.

CLUB: The club has limited equipment and weapons in stock for sale. That includes (but not limited to) mouth guard and its case, Ssang Jyel Bong (foam or wood nunchuks), Dan Bong (short stick), Kubaton key chain. Other weapons such as Chang Bong (staff), Mok Gum (wood sword), or Jukdo (Shinai bamboo sword) can be purchased through the club by order. Please ask an officer to purchase these equipment.

WHRDA (through Instructor Wetter): Generally, all other equipment can be purchased from the World Hwa Rang Do Association. That includes dobok (uniforms), Sparring equipment, weapons and other HRD merchandise such as HRD books, videos, bags, etc. The complete list can be found on the order form (available below). Please follow the instructions below in order to purchase any equipment from the WHRDA.

  1. Download the Order Form (excel file).
  2. Fill out the form, based on your needs. [size chart]
  3. Print out the form. (Make sure everything is filled out correctly such as size, quantity and name).
  4. Prepare your payment (cash or check, payable to 'Academy of Hwa Rang Do').
  5. Bring the form and payment to the class.

Please note that the order form is handed to Instructor Wetter, then he places the order to WHRDA once a month. Your order can be delayed depending on the timing of the order.

Locker use:

We have limited space in our locker for keeping students' equipment, mainly the protective gear for sparring. It is important that the space is saved for those who are ACTIVE in the club (which means students who show up for the workout at least twice a week). It is also important that your equipment are clean and kept together in a mesh bag. Please put your names on all of your equipment. Please refer to the rules of the locker use that is posted on the locker door.

Comments on Training (by Instructor Hsu)

Chiefmaster Lee shares this quote."The longest distance between two points is a shortcut."

Any belt (whatever the color) only means as much as the work you put in to achieving it. If you simply want a black-belt, there are easier ways. Stores sell them for $3-$5, and some schools "sell" theirs for $2000-$3000. It is important to know that learning any martial arts is as much about attaining a goal as it is about the journey you take to get there.

While through Tae Soo DoŽ and Hwa Rang DoŽ, progression through belts and learning how to apply techniques might take longer, this opportunity will train more capable fighters, and better martial artists both mentally and physically. If you want to learn techniques, discipline, respect, history, and be part of a family, here's a great path to take. This journey will not be quick, it will not be easy, but it certainly will be rewarding.

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Updated 02/20/07