Hwa Rang Do at UChicago

Hwa Rang Do® at the University of Chicago is a part of a very rich history of Korea and martial arts in general. The pages below, which will grow with continuing submissions, are here to help you place your training into a historical and cultural context, and, at a more basic level, keep these stories alive.

Under Hwa Rang Do History, you will find a collection of links and texts detailing the rise and fall of the Hwa Rang Warriors, or "Flower Knights." Under "the Art" I have collected information specific to our martial history, such as the concept of Um Yang and Hwa Rang Do's four paths of study. At the other links, you will find a copy of our Code of Ethics, the Meng Sae, which is vital to the understanding of our practice. Lastly, there is a page detailing the club's history from a Hapkido club, as well as our records in WHRDA activites.

As always, the main Hwa Rang Do Website has much more information, and you should definitively explore their site if interested.

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