Hwa Rang Do at UChicago

The Hwa Rang Do® Club at the University of Chicago is a member of the World Hwa Rang Do® Association, and as such we hold each and every member of the club to the highest possible standard as the local representatives of our mother association.

Below you will find links to the various pages you will need most as TSD/HRD students. The current workout schedule, our location and a description of the structure of our workouts can be found under Class Information. The TSD/HRD page will provide you information about the system itself--the belt system, and what proficiences are expected for the higher ranks. The Student Information page provides all the necessary details about being a member of our club. This includes information about our responsibility as students, as well as policies regarding equipment and promotional exams. Lastly, the documents page gathers all the forms and files you will come to use at various parts of your martial arts career.

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