Hwa Rang Do at UChicago

Anyone affiliated with University of Chicago (student, staff, alumni, and their spouses) is welcome to come and watch or participate at any time. Bring comfortable clothes to wear when you would like to participate. For information about dues and other responsibilities, go to the student page.

Fall 2009 Training Schedule

We train at the Henry Crown Field House every Tuesday and Thursday from 7:00pm - 9:00pm, and every Saturday from 10:30am - 12:30 pm. Please be sure to check our events page for up to date information on class location and time. Also join our list host for email announcements for any changes in the schedule.


Henry Crown Field House 
East 56th Street and University Avenue.

The Green Room is located west of the lobby on the first floor. Walk past the front desk, up the ramp to your left, and go through the first door on your right.

Class Structure

We always start class with a formal bow-in, and a 8-12 minute warm-up session led by the highest ranked member present. This will include light stretching, strengthening, and/or cardio.

The materials covered on a particular day is dependent on the schedule. Typically, on "Form" days, we will work on kicks for style and speed, techniques (1-step sparring), and forms. On "Sparring" days, we may cover self-defense techniques, hand and feet combos on "Thai pads", and sparring including boxing, point-sparring, timed sparring, grappling, and/or some such combination. On "Weapon" days, we will work on forms and possible self-defense applications using the ssang-Jyel bong (nunchukus), chang bong (staff), dan-bong (short stick), sword, knives, and/or guns depending on your level.

Additional activities may include meditation, breathing exercises, falls, rolls, cartwheels, aerial chartwheets, shoulder-springs (kip-ups), head-springs, hand-springs, back somersaults (back flips), valdez (gymnastics move often seen in Caperoilla), etc.

We may end the class with some hard stretching, strengthening, and/or cardio. Then finally a formal bow-out. This includes citing Hwa Rang Do Meng Sae and thanking the instructors in Korean, "Dae Dan Hee Gam Sa Ham Nee Da. An Yong Hee Gae Sheep She Yo", which translates to "Thank you very much, good bye/stay in peace". After some days, we may stay later to clean the mats and every student in expected to contribute.

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