Hwa Rang Do at UChicago

Below you will find the various documents you might need through out your career as a student of Hwa Rang Do.

2010 Hwa Rang Do Tournament at Madison [pdf] -- Fill this form out and submit it ASAP in order to compete in the April Tournament.

Student's Self Defence Seminar Advertisement [pdf]

Student Info Sheet [pdf] -- Fill this sheet out within two weeks of joining, and send it to the Instructor. It is necessary for the WHRDA.

Meng Sae [gif] -- This is a picture of our Code of Ethics, which each student is required to know.

Terminology [pdf] -- This is a list of various terminology we will use in every practice.

HRD Equipment Form [xls] -- Fill this form out and bring it to an officer along with the appropriate check for purchasing equipment from the WHRDA.

Size Chart [bmp] -- This is a reference chart for sizing a dobok. Remember to go a size down with the Goo too gi uniforms, they run big.

Test Form, Email [pdf] -- Fill this form out for Instructor Wetter before your promotion. You have to do this in addition to printing a form out and submitting it.

Test Form, Print [pdf] -- Bring a filled out copy of this form with you on the day of your Promotional exam. You need to submit it then along with the fees before you can be tested

Breaking Requirments [rtf] -- This file describes the board breaking requirments for promotion in rank

*OLD* Minneapolis World Tour Seminar [pdf]


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