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In ancient Korea, groups of youths developed called Hwa Rang Do’s or “Flower Knights.” They were a group of people united in their study of humanity, human nature, dance, songs, poetry and the ways of combat. In time, they evolved into a vital force defending their king and kingdom. It is with their support that the ancient Kingdom of Silla was at last able to unite the whole of the Korean peninsula and parts of Manchuria.

Unfortunately, with time, their order was disbanded, and only a few Buddhist temples in the secluded mountains continued to teach their martial art in secrecy. It is after several generations of such teaching that the monk known as Suahm Dosa entrusted the Hwa Rang Do’s tradition to two brothers—Joo Bang and Joo Sang Lee. It is Dr. Joo Bang Lee who then used the knowledge he gained from the monk to foun the martial art Hwa Rang Do in 1960.

This Site is still UNDER CONTSTRUCTION--check back as more material becomes available. As always, the main Hwa Rang Do Website has a lot more material on our history. The following links have proven especially useful for scholars of our Art:

The Hwa Rang Warriors -- contains primary documents which mention the Hwa Rang warriors

The WHRDA's History site -- contains a more detailed description of the history of our martial art.

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