Hwa Rang Do at UChicago


    Inst. Wetter

HRD Jo Kyo Nim Paul Wetter

Instructor Paul Wetter has been involved in the martial arts for just over 20 years. He has been training in Hwa Rang Do® since 1994. He received his 1st dan Black Sash in Hwa Rang Do in May 2002. He moved to Illinois from Madison Wisconsin. Currently, Instructor Wetter teaches Tae Soo Do® and Hwa Rang Do® in Chicago. He is currently training under the tutelage of Kwan Jang Nim David Kijek.
He leads workouts on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, along with conducting promotional exams about once a month.

Email: wetter@hwarangdoil.com


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